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"LED" Table Sign

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7 COLOR LED Acrylic Table Sign for your Props Table 

PBX Expo Debut - 5 new signs, new custom option, and more.

Attract guests from across the room with this 5.75in x 7.25in acrylic LED light stand

7 colors (Blue, Pink, Red, Green, Purple, Yellow, and White) - Select a single color for your event or opt to have all the colors cycle through at your pace
2 power sources - 3 AA batteries or USB power cord 
1 Remote Control (controls color selection, pace of dimming option, pace of flashing color options, on/off and much more)
Operates without the remote - simple one touch button on base to cycle through the colors or double tap and let the colors cycle through all 7 colors sequentially

Dimensions of sign - 5.75 in. x 7.25 in.  5 cm thick acrylic sign

Included in your package:
1 Acrylic sign of your choice (Grab A Prop & Strike a Pose, Sign our Guest Book, Come Over We're Open, Please Leave Props on the Table, No Food/Drinks on the Table, Get Your Photos Here)
1 LED Base with Slot for Sign 
1 Remote Control
1 USB power cord 
1 Manual

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